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Friendbuy enables sending four unique transactional email types. Templates can be created and designed within the “Emails” section, and then assigned to the desired referral campaign. General information about each type of email can be found here, while specific how-to instructions are available in this article.

Advocate Share Email

The email a referred friend receives when an advocate enters their friend’s email address in a share widget. The email presents as coming from the advocate and acts as an introduction to the merchant’s product or service while usually containing a customizable message from the advocate encouraging the friend to become a customer. Advocates will also have the option to trigger a reminder email if the friend hasn’t completed the reward trigger (purchase, email signup, etc) within 3 days.

Best practice is to reference any pertinent discount in the header of the email, and a note from the advocate (usually pre-formatted) in the footer. Also make sure to include both the incentive and name of the advocate within the subject line. 

This is possibly the first interaction a friend will have with your brand, so it is important to include strong brand (or product) imagery in this email, and to also include references to the incentive within the text in case they do not have images enabled by default. If there is a longer average consideration period, this email may also serve as a reference point, so having a noticeable CTA button that includes the incentive is recommended.

Do not include your company’s navigation header or social footer links so it is easier to establish attribution when the friend makes a purchase.

Friend Incentive Email

The email a referred friend will receive containing their incentive as part of the referral funnel. Depending on how the referral campaign is set up, the email may be received before or after the friend completes the referral funnel.

Since this may be the first email the referred friend is receiving from your company, images may not be enabled by default. Because of this, make sure to call out the offer in the text and not only in the hero image. If there are any restrictions or minimum purchase amount required this should be mentioned in the body of the email. Include the company name in the subject line and use email best practices to avoid being marked as spam.

Keep this email simple with only a single CTA. Again, avoid including your company’s navigation header or social footer links. This makes it easier to establish attribution when the friend makes a purchase. 

Advocate Reward Email

This is the email an advocate will receive containing their reward after one of their referred friends has successfully converted through the referral funnel. This conversion will depend on the reward trigger specified in the campaign. Note: an advocate will not receive the reward email until after any reward delays, so if there is a long delay for your rewards make sure that is communicated upfront on your advocate widgets. 

Best practice is to reference the reward within the header of the email. If there are any restrictions, expiration dates, or minimum purchase amounts required for the reward this should be mentioned. If the reward is custom and the advocate will need to follow specific instructions to redeem, make sure those instructions are clear. If using tiers, best practice is to remind the advocate of the next tier available. 

Advocate Thanks for Sharing Email

The email an advocate will receive thanking them for participating in the referral program. It is sent after the first time an Advocate refers a Friend through email and typically includes the Advocate’s unique referral link (PURL). Though not necessary for the referral flow to function, we recommend including it as sending the advocate their PURL encourages repeat sharing behavior.

As seen in the formatting example above, the body of this email should contain a general description of the referral program, what triggers the advocate reward, as well as the referral link for later use. If there are tiers the advocate can work towards they should be mentioned, as this may be their first share. If your customer base isn’t very tech savvy, consider including instructions on how to copy and share the referral link. If you have a FAQ on referral, or an advocate dashboard, you may want to provide links.

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