How to Create a New Code Bank

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Set up a Code Bank in Friendbuy to upload coupon codes or gift card links that you would like Friendbuy to distribute to Advocates and Friends when they earn their Rewards and Incentives for participating in your Referral or Loyalty programs.

When a conversion event occurs, a code is distributed from the Code Bank and can be dynamically inserted into the Advocate Reward email or the Friend Incentive email.

Friendbuy supports the following code types:


Step 1

Click on Code Banks

Step 2

If setting up a Code Bank for the first time, click on Create a Code Bank. If setting up an additional Code Bank, click on Create in the upper right corner.

Step 3

Complete the form by entering the following information, and then click Next Step

  • Name of Code Bank (Be descriptive; for example: Advocate $10 Magento Coupon Code)
  • Code Bank Type (either Coupon Codes or Gift Cards)
  • Code Value (either a discount like 10 USD or a percentage like 20%)

Step 4

Upload a plain text file in either CSV or TXT format containing a list of unique codes in the first column (required). Do not include column headers in the file.

If a PIN is used for the customer to redeem the code, sometimes for gift cards, include the PIN for each code in the second column along the corresponding row (optional).

Note: All uploaded codes will be checked for duplicates. Any codes that have already been uploaded into the Code Bank or another existing Code Bank will be rejected and not added to the Code Bank. Also note, PINs do not need to be unique, only the associated coupon code/gift card link.
Tip: If using PINs, be sure to include the {{}} merge variable in the body of the Advocate Reward and Friend Incentive emails, where applicable. Learn more about setting up emails.

Step 5

Set a Low Code Notification Threshold for the Code Bank. If your Code Bank reaches the threshold, an email will be sent to the Primary Email Address and Secondary Email Address set up in Settings > Account > Notifications. Read this article to update these settings.

Step 6

Click Finish. The new Code Bank will be added to the list.

You may need to refresh the page to see an updated count of the codes that were uploaded.

- You can upload additional codes by clicking on the file upload icon in the top right corner of the code Bank. Learn how to upload additional codes into an existing Code Bank in this article.

- If a Code Bank is assigned to a Referral Campaign(s), the campaign name(s) will appear in a gray tag in the bottom left corner of the Code Bank.

- You can Archive a Code Bank by clicking of the box icon in the top right corner of the Code Bank.
- Each code that contains alphabetical characters will be lowercased to become case insensitive when distributed to a customer. If you would like codes to be case sensitive (not lowercased), please contact before uploading the codes.

- Codes will be distribted from the Code Bank in a randomized order, not the same list order they were uploaded.

- If uploading PINs, only use PIN codes that contain alphanumerical characters. Do not use special characters like < or >.

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