How to Create a New Referral Campaign

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When managing your referral program, you may want to at some point create a new campaign from scratch, or maybe even add an additional campaign to your referral playbook. In this help article, we'll be going over a high-level of how to create a new campaign from within the Friendbuy platform!

Step 1

Navigate to Referral, then click the blue Create a Campaign button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

It's time to set up the basics for your campaign! Enter the Name of your new campaign, a Campaign Description (optional), and if you'd like the campaign to be Evergreen or Time Limited. Once done, click the blue Next Step button!

Step 3

In this next step, we'll be setting up the Advocate Reward. This will be the Reward that goes to the referrers for successfully referring their friends! Using the drop-down menu, select the method in which you will be rewarding your Advocates. For this example, we'll be going through the flow of setting up a Coupon Code based reward.

You can click here to learn more about how to upload a Code Bank into Friendbuy!

Once Coupon Code is selected, you will need to select a Code Bank to pull the coupons from, as well as When the Reward Should be Triggered. Since I want my referrers to be rewarded when their friends make a purchase, I'll be selecting Friend Makes a Purchase Here.

You can read more about the different ways you can reward your Advocates by clicking here.

Step 4

Once the Reward Settings have been configured, we'll be moving on to the Reward Rules. Here, we can specify if we would like the Referred Friends to meet a minimum purchase amount in order for a reward to be sent to the Advocate. This is optional and only applicable if your Reward will be triggered by a Referred Friend making a purchase.

We also can specify if we want to require the Referred Friend to be a new customer in order for the Advocate to be rewarded.

Note: Be sure to factor in your discount for the minimum purchase amount. For example, if you'd like the Referred Friend's minimum purchase amount to be $50, and your referral offer is $20, you'd need to set the minimum purchase amount to $30.

Step 5 (Optional)

The final two sections to configure for the Advocate Reward are Reward Validation and Reward Allowance. Reward Validation allows you to configure a Validation Endpoint where we send an HTTP POST request to your system to validate Reward details based on any customer criteria in your system, prior to our system sending out the Reward to the Advocate. This section also allows for you to configure a Reward Delay, to delay the Reward distribution for a specific period of time, such as during a product return window. For this campaign, I'll be skipping past these options. Learn more.

For the Reward Allowance, you are able to set up a maximum amount of rewards an Advocate can receive in a reward tier, and configure additional reward tiers for different rewards. We won't be covering this here, but if you'd like to learn more about Tiered Rewards, you can click here for our help article on this subject!

Once you've configured both of these areas, you can click the blue Next Step button!

Step 6

We've now finished setting up the Advocate Reward settings, and it's now time to move on to the Friend Incentive! Much like our Advocate Reward, I will be setting up a Coupon Code based Friend Incentive for today's example. This Friend Incentive will be the offer that the Friend receives after being referred to your website.

Once I've selected my Coupon Code Friend Incentive option, I'm given a few additional requirements in order to configure the full Friend Incentive. First, I will need to set up a Code Bank to pull my Friend Incentives from, as well as setting up How the Friend Incentive should be triggered. In this example, I'm wanting to use our standard flow of distributing a Friend Incentive once the Referred Friend Enters their Email Address.

You can read more about the different ways you can incentivize your Referred Friends by clicking here.

Step 7

Once your Incentive Settings have been configured, we'll be moving on to setting up your Incentive Rules! Here, we'll be selecting if the Referred Friend need to be a referred customer in order to receive an Incentive, as well as if the Friend need to be a new customer in order to receive an Incentive.

Note: in the majority of referral program implementations, it is best practice to leave these as Yes.

After setting up your Incentive Rules, it is time to configure a Friend Destination/Redirect URL! This is a URL that a Referred Friend will be taken to after clicking through a referral link or a referral email. This will usually be a URL where the Email Capture widget is embedded, or a URL where customers will be placed into an optimal shopping experience.

Once these have all been set up, you can now click the blue Next Step button to review your newly configured campaign!

Step 8

It's time to review your overall configuration of your new campaign! On this step, you'll be able to see the Reward Type, Code Bank, and Reward Trigger that you've configured for both your Advocate Rewards and your Friend Incentives. If all looks good, you can press the blue Finish button to officially create your new campaign!

Congratulations! You have now set up the foundations of your new campaign.

Next Steps

You'll need to create and design the customer facing Emails and Referral Widgets before launching your campaign.

For help with setting up Emails or Widgets, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or with questions.

Important: If you are making updates an existing Campaign, be sure to also update the offer details contained within your customer facing Referral Emails and Widgets to match the new program strategy.

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