Shopify Theme App Embed

Shopify Theme App Embeds are tools that integrate apps directly into a Shopify store's theme. They allow for seamless addition of user authentication features, like login forms and account management, directly into the store's design. This integration ensures a consistent, secure user experience without manual code editing, simplifying the process for store owners. Shopify Theme App Embed is replacing assets API, which is being deprecated.

To ensure proper tracking of customer data, you'll need to make sure you have Theme App Embed enabled.

  • For each theme, you have to enable Theme App Embed independently
  • Existing Merchants will need to update permissions in Friendbuy in order to access Theme App Embed.

To use Shopify Theme App Embed, it's essential to update your Shopify Integration with the latest updates. Please follow these steps to verify that your integration is fully up-to-date:

  1. Head over to the integrations page on your Friendbuy account.
  2. Click on the Shopify card to view your integration details.
  3. If you see an Update Permissions prompt, please click on it.
  1. If prompted, select the store where you want to update the permissions.
  2. Click update on the bottom right.
How to Install Theme App Embed:
  1. Log into your Shopify Admin Account
  2. On the left tool bar, click Online Store, then click Themes
  3. Click Customize on the Theme you wish to add the Theme App Embed to.
  4. On the left tool bar, click on App Embeds.
  5. Enabled the Friendbuy App embed.

  1. You have now successfully enabled Theme App Embed on your Theme.

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