How to Block an Email Address

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Scenarios arise when an customer may violate the terms and conditions of your referral or loyalty program. You can block their email address(es) so they do not receive future rewards. This feature enables you to do the following:

Block an Email Address: You can block an email address by following the below instructions:

Step 1 Navigate to Settings > click  Block Lists

Step 2

You'll be directed to the Blocked Users tab where you can click the blue button that says Add Users to Block List

Step 3

Add the email addresses you'd like to block from receiving rewards or incentives through the referral program. You can either manually add to the input field or import a CSV for a bulk upload. 

Step 4

Click Block {#} Users and you'll see a success message once the email addresses have been successfully added. 

Note: please ensure that the email addresses are in the correct format. 

Example:  vs. 

You will also see the following information:

  • A list of all user email addresses that have been blocked
  • The date the user was added to the block list
  • Ability to edit or remove a user from the block list

Expected Behavior When an Email Address is Blocked:

  • User is blocked from receiving future Advocate rewards and Friend incentives associated with this email address
  • Any pending referral or loyalty rewards will be blocked and no longer earned by the customer
  • Advocates can still successfully share through referral widgets and referred Friends can successfully receive incentives and convert off of a blocked Advocate's referral link - this will also be included in your referral program analytics
  • If customer is removed from the Block List, they can begin to earn new referral and loyalty rewards thereafter

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