Increase Referral Program Awareness with a Dedicated Email Blast through Iterable Journeys

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This article walks through how to increase referral program awareness by sending dedicated email blasts to your subscribers through Iterable journeys.

This recipe requires that you have active Friendbuy and Iterable accounts.

Create your email templates

  1. Login to your Iterable account
  2. Navigate to Content, then click Templates
  3. Either import an existing email template, or click + New template. If you uploaded an existing template, skip steps 3 and 4 below.
  1. Select Email, name your template, and select Drag and Drop or WYSIWG. For this example, we'll use Drag and Drop. Then click Continue.
  1. On the next screen, choose the template that works best for your brand. For the purposes of this email, Single item promotional works well. Then click Create template.
  1. Then, fill in all the details for sending your email, including subject line, from name, etc.
  1. Design your email according to your brand standards. To add a Friendbuy personal URL to the email using merge tags, create a text box and click Merge Tags.
  1. Select friendbuy_purl to add it to your email.
  1. Once your email is ready to send, scroll down and click SAVE TEMPLATE.
  1. Navigate back to Content, and click Templates. Click the three dots beside the template you just created, and click Make a copy.
  1. This email is for subscribers without a PURL. Replace the PURL merge variable with a link to your referral program landing page, and click SAVE TEMPLATE.

Create the Journey to send the emails

  1. Navigate to Messaging and click Journeys
  1. Click New Journey
  1. Name your journey and write a description, then click Create journey.
  1. Double click on Start and in the Entry Source dropdown, select Schedule.
  1. Then, in the Select a list drop down, pick the list you want the dedicated referral program email to be sent to.
  1. Pick the start date and time you want it to send, as well as how many times a contact can receive the email. Then, click Update.
  1. Drag and drop Attribute split from the right hand side bar and place it underneath Start.
  2. Double click on Attribute split to edit the details. In the Attribute dropdown, select friendbuy_purl. In the Values dropdown, select an example of a PURL. Then click Update.
  3. Drag and drop Email from the right hand side bar and place it underneath Attribute. Do this twice so that you have two emails side by side like the below.
  1. Then, double click on the left email. This is the draft you'll send to customers that have a personal URL with Friendbuy. Name the campaign, then Choose a template.
  1. Select the Dedicated Referral Email with PURL template you created, then click Attach Template.
  1. Click Create Campaign
  1. Then, click the right hand side email and take the same steps. This time, choose the template without the PURL, and click Attach Template, then Create Campaign.
  1. Click the white dot at the bottom of Start, and connect it to Attribute split. Click the white dot on Attribute split with the PURL example, and drag it to the Email box titled Email with PURL. Then connect Everyone else to the Email without PURL box.
  1. When you're ready to schedule your email, click Publish in the bottom right corner, and then click Publish again on the pop-up.

Then take a deep breath, and celebrate that you're done!

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