How To Enable The Braze integration

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Leverage the integration between Friendbuy and Braze to expand your email and SMS capabilities while effortlessly automating your referral and loyalty program communications. Braze will generate customer profiles for all the opted-in phone numbers collected via Friendbuy.

Installation Instructions

  1. Rest EndPoint is needed to integrate with Braze. This can be found here.
    1. Use the table provided on the API overview page to match the URL of the dashboard you use to the correct REST Endpoint.
    2. To find your URL, log into Braze, If the URL you see is, the corresponding Rest Endpoint would be
    3. If you need assistance, open a support ticket.
  2. Confirm your API-Key. In your Braze account, go to Settings > API Keys. A REST API key is required with every request to the Braze API. When generating a new API key, be sure to select User Data and Email permissions. The API Key gives you access to your data for a workspace.
  3. Log into your Friendbuy account and go to Developer Center > Integrations tab > click on Add integration on the Braze integration card.
  4. Paste your REST Endpoint, and your API Key in the provided fields.

Click Install Integration....

  1. Go back into your Friendbuy account and refresh the page to confirm the Braze integration has been successfully installed. A blue checkmark and success message will appear on the card confirming installation.

How customer data is sent to Braze

Customer data collected in your referral program will be added to the respective Braze profile after a customer interacts with your referral program widgets. Email is used as the identifier for creating and updating Braze profiles. Important to note, customer data will only be sent to Braze if the customer opts-in through the referral widget by selecting the opt-in boxes.

For example, if a customer enters both their email and phone number in the widget but only checks the opt-in box for email marketing (and leaves the SMS marketing opt-in box unchecked), then only the email address will be sent to Braze. If a customer submits their contact information without either opt-in box checked, customer data will not be sent to Braze since consent was not collected.

The opt-in checkboxes are required to collect consent from the customer indicating they would like to receive additional emails and/or SMS messages from your company. See an example referral widget below:

Note: We use the international standard (E.164) to confirm valid phone numbers. If an invalid number is submitted, it will not be sent to Braze. Ex: 555-555-5555

Friendbuy Custom Attributes

Friendbuy Referral Status

Referrers are categorized as Advocate and referees are categorized as Referred Friend

Friendbuy Customer Name

The name the customer entered when submitting their info through a referral widget

Friendbuy Referral Link

A personal referral link (PURL) generated for an Advocate. For example,

Friendbuy Date of Last Share

The date and time the Advocate last shared with a Friend via any share channel. If the Advocate has not shared yet, the property won't be visible.

Friendbuy Campaign ID

The Campaign ID associated with the personal referral link generated for an Advocate

Friendbuy Campaign Name

The Campaign Name associated with the personal referral link generated for an Advocate

Friendbuy Coupon Code

The most recent Referral coupon code distributed to the customer.

Note: only one code will be displayed

Friendbuy Coupon Value

The currency value of the most recent coupon code distributed to the customer.

Friendbuy Coupon Status

The status of the most recent coupon code distributed to the customer.

Note: status will be 'distributed' or 'redeemed'

Friendbuy Coupon Currency

Currency code (USD, CAD, etc.) or percent (%) associated with the most recent coupon code distributed to the customer.

Friendbuy Coupon Campaign ID

The Campaign ID associated with the coupon code generated for a customer.

Friendbuy Referred Revenue

The total amount of referred revenue from the Advocate

Friendbuy Referred Purchase

The number of purchases made from the Advocates referrals

Friendbuy Loyalty Opt-In Date

The date in which the customer enrolls in loyalty program

Friendbuy Customer Birthday

Birthday entered by customer in the referral widget

Friendbuy Member Tier Name

The name of the tier the customer is currently in

Friendbuy [Points Label] Balance

Number of points the customer has available to redeem for a reward

Friendbuy Account Credit Balance

The credit amount a customer has available to spend, if any

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