How to Text Coupon Codes to Advocates using Attentive Journeys

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Friendbuy will distribute coupon codes to Advocates via email and these coupon codes will also get added as custom properties to Attentive subscriber profiles. This recipe outlines how to immediately send a text to Advocates to redeem their coupon codes through Attentive.

This recipe requires that you have active Friendbuy and Attentive accounts.

Create a new segment of subscribers who have earned an Advocate coupon code

  1. Login to your Attentive account
  2. Navigate to Segments
  1. Click Create A Segment

  1. Select Dynamic Segment
  1. When editing the segment, select A Subscriber's Activity and then choose Friendbuy Referral Advocate Reward Earned from the dropdown

Then select at least once and over all time as the cadence, and click Create in the bottom right.

Create the Journey to send these reminder texts

  1. Navigate to Journeys
  1. Click Create Journey
  1. Select Start From Scratch
  1. Select Friendbuy Referral Advocate Reward Earned then click Continue
  1. Select Send A Message About Something Else, then select Get Started
  1. In the Journey workflow builder, click the black plus sign and select Branch. Then choose the condition from the dropdown called What segment the subscriber is in.
  1. Then, choose the Segment you originally created for the subscribers that will be added to this journey, then click Apply Selection
  1. Select the Segment and hit Save
  1. You'll want to end the journey for anyone who does not belong to this Segment. Under Else, click the black plus sign and select End Journey
  1. Then, click the black plus sign and select Send text message as the next step in the journey
  1. When designing your text message in the editor, include the Friendbuy Coupon Code merge variable so the coupon code for each subscriber will be dynamically pulled into the text message. Once you're finished configuring the message, click Save.
  1. Once the text is configured, you'll want to click the black plus sign and select End Journey
  1. Below is what your new journey should look like:
  1. When you're ready, determine when you want subscribers to be added to the journey and then select, Turn On Journey

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