How to Generate Coupons in Bulk for Shopify

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Friendbuy supports the ability to upload a list of unique, single use codes into a code bank, which Friendbuy distributes on merchants behalf. 


  1. You must be on Shopify
  2. You must require a minimum purchase for coupons, or other restrictions
  3. You must have an app to generate bulk coupons (we recommend


  1. In Shopify, navigate to Discounts and click Create discount set from the More Actions menu 

  1. Fill out the necessary details for the coupon: 
    1. Add a descriptive name for the new discount set
    2. Specify the number of codes to create (10k recommended)
    3. Add a prefix of FRND or ADV under advanced settings
    4. Select the type of discount and value of discount
    5. If the coupon is only valid for specific products, this can be set in the Applied to section
    6. Enter any minimum purchase requirements
    7. If the offer should apply to New Customers only, add any groups that include New customers
    8. Set Usage Limit to One Use per customer, and Limit the Number of Times the Code Can Be Used in Total to '1' time.
  1. Click Save and wait for the codes to import

  1. Next, you will need to export the codes. Click on the discount set and select View All Codes

  1. Click Export from upper right corner and select All Items for the export
  1. Click Export discount codes and an email will be sent to the email address you are logged in with
  2. Remove the header and additional columns from the CSV file leaving a column of codes only. Then, uploaded the file of codes into Friendbuty as a new code bank. Learn how to create a new code bank.

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