Ordergroove and Friendbuy Integration

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Reward subscribers with with Ordergroove discounts as part of your Referral or Loyalty Program

Key Notes:
  • Discounts will be auto-applied to a customers' active subscription

Installation Instructions

  1. On the Friendbuy platform, select Developer Center on the left tool bar, then select Integrations
  2. Select the Ordergroove Integration card

  1. You will need to access your API Key in order to integrate with Ordergroove. Select the API Key link. This will bring you to Ordergroove API Key page

  1. Copy the API key
    1. Permission type must be Bulk Operations
  2. Enter the API key on the integration page, and select Install Integration

Make sure Ordergroove and Shopify are mapping to the same store.

Subscription Purchase Tracking

To ensure recurring purchases are being tracked, you will need to leverage Shopify Web hooks. Please reach out to Friendbuy to enable the Shopify Web hooks.

Advocate Reward

You can choose to reward your Advocate with an Ordergroove Discount. This will allow you to auto apply a discount to a users active subscription.

  1. On the Advocate Rewards tab of your campaign, select How will you reward your Advocates?
  2. Select Ordergroove Discount

  1. Enter the amount you will reward Advocates.
    1. The default currency type is set as your administrative currency
This is currently limited to USD only.

  1. Select Save Settings
  2. At any time, you may go back and modify the discount by selecting Modify Rules

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