Purchases Report

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The ‘Purchases’ report allows you to take a look into the details around a purchase that has been made in your platform. This can be helpful for troubleshooting, as well as for taking a look into the conversion details. Here are some key terms and what they mean!

Purchase Date

The date and time of the purchase.


The details surrounding the purchase. This will include:

  • Order ID
  • Total Amount
  • Coupon Code (if used)
  • Products


The details surrounding the customer who made the purchase. This will include:

  • Email
  • Customer ID
  • New Customer (Yes/No)

Referral Details

The details surrounding the referrer (Advocate), if applicable. This will include:

  • Advocate Name
  • Advocate Email
  • Campaign
  • Share Channel (Email, Facebook, pURL, etc.)

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