How to send Referral Links Post Product Review (Yotpo + Klaviyo)

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How to setup an automated email prompt to Refer a Friend after a Positive Review with Klaviyo and Yotpo

Leverage integrations with Klaviyo, Yotpo and Friendbuy to provide opportunities for your customers to  refer friends to your brand when they’ve provided a positive product review.  Best practice is to sweeten the offer for this cohort of customers, as they are more likely to become brand Advocates! 


Creating your Segment

You'll first want to create a Segment of subscribers in Klaviyo who meet the required criteria for a referral email. In this case, the required criteria will be those who have provided a positive review through Yotpo.

In your Klaviyo account, navigate to Lists & Segments on the left side menu

Click Create List / Segment

Choose Segment between the two options

Name your Segment: Example: Positive Review Referral Flow (Yotpo)

Under Definition, select Properties about Someone

Under Dimension, select yotpo_latest_review score

This property will automatically appear in the dropdown once the Yotpo integration has been enabled with Klaviyo

Choose equals and then type in 4 in the text field and the Type: Number. Then, click OR and follow the same steps, but then type in 5 as the next review score.

Click Create Segment

Now that you've created your Segment, it's time to setup your automated email flow!

Setup Your Flow

In your Klaviyo account navigate to Flows on the left side menu

Click Create Flow

Click Create from Scratch or choose from an existing flow

Name your flow - Example: Post Positive Product Review Referral Flow

Select the Segment flow trigger on the left side menu

Under the Choose Segment dropdown, select the Segment you created for this flow. The following example shows the segment, Post Positive Review Referral Flow (Yotpo).

Add a Conditional Split 

This component will allow you do the following:

  • Setup an email flow that only dynamically includes the friendbuy referral link in an email only if a referral link is available 
  • If no referral link is available, you can send a separate email and include a link to your refer-a-friend landing page, so you can still remind customers to refer-a-friend 

In the left hand menu choose:

  1. Properties about someone from the dropdown
  2. Type in friendbuy_purl in the Klaviyo Properties dropdown 
  3. Choose the conditional is set from the dropdown to the right
Note:  friendbuy_purl is a property that is pre-set as part of the Friendbuy integration with Klaviyo.

Add 2 Emails to your Flow 

Add two separate emails to your flow.  Under Actions click Email and drag it over to add it to your automated flow.

  1. An email that will be sent if yes, a referral link is available for the customer and will be dynamically inserted 
    1. Example:
  2. An email that will be sent if no, a referral link is not available for the customer and you want to include a link to your refer-a-friend landing page. 
    1. Example:

Design the first email in your flow (the one with the referral link included).  Click the three dots in the corner of the first email in the flow and then click Edit

Choose how you would like to design your email. 

Tip: Most popular is the Drag and Drop 

Choose a template from the Klaviyo template library 

In the email editor, edit the copy and update the creative to whatever you’d like the email to say.  Then, navigate to the section where you want to insert the personal referral link.  

Click insert properties and type in friendbuy_purl, which will automatically populate. 

Tip: You can save this content block as a template and insert it into any subsequent email.  When you hover over the content block click the star icon and then you can name the block theme. 

Design the second email in your flow (the one that will be sent if a referral link is not available for a customer) Navigate back to your email flow and click Edit on the Email #2 component

Follow the previous instructions for creating a new email.. Then, in the new email design include a link to your dedicated refer-a-friend landing page.


Push your Flow Messages Live 

Click to learn how to turn an individual flow message live 

Click to learn how to turn every flow message live 

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How to Prompt a Referral After a Positive Review with Friendbuy and Trustpilot (via Klaviyo)