Configuring a Global Reward Allowance

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In our platform, you have the ability to set a Global Reward Allowance that a customer can receive across all of your Friendbuy campaigns. With this setting, you can set a maximum number of rewards or maximum monetary value a customer can receive over a select period of time. When an Advocate or Friend reaches the specified limit, any new rewards will be rejected. You can even exclude certain campaigns from this allowance if you'd like! In this help article, we'll be going over how to set this up.

How to Set Up a Global Reward Allowance

You can set up your Global Award Allowance by navigating to Settings > Program Integrity > Global Reward Allowance. The default setting is off (ie, no configuration set).

Step 1

Choose one of the gray toggle boxes to select a unit for either the maximum number of rewards or currency that will be allowed for a single customer across all Friendbuy campaigns. Then, enter a value to set a limit corresponding with the chosen unit. Your default currency (USD, CAN, other) will display based on your account settings.

Note: In the case a customer earns a reward both as an Advocate and Friend, all rewards earned will be counted towards the limit.
Step 2

Choose the Time Frame and Type for in which the maximum allowance will be evaluated. First, select the Time Frame dropdown menu for options (Month, Year, Lifetime, Custom Range). Then, select the Type dropdown menu when it appears.

If you select the monthly or yearly time frame, you can set the Type to Calendar or rolling ~30/365 Days. Calendar will evaluate all rewards earned in a calendar month or year, and rolling ~30/365 will evaluate all rewards earned in the past rolling month or rolling year.

For example, if you set Time Frame to Year and Type to Calendar, this means the limit will be evaluated over the current calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st).

As another example, if you set Time Frame to Year and Type to ~365 Days, this means the limit will be evaluated over the past rolling 365 day period.

Step 3

Use the "Select Campaigns to Exclude" field to select none, one, or multiple campaigns that will not count towards a customer's reward limit. Remember to click Save Changes any time you make an update to your Global Reward Allowance settings.

Additional Functionality & Important Notes

  • Reward settings configured at the campaign level still apply and will work in conjunction with the global settings. 
  • If there is a reward/incentive delay set up for a campaign, the global reward allowance rules are evaluated when the reward/incentive delay expires. Therefore, any changes made to the rules configuration will apply to future reward, including rewards currently in a Pending status. 
  • Any previously accepted or rejected rewards would have been evaluated based on the rules configuration that was set at the time the reward was evaluated.
  • Rewards with a percentage based discount or Other value are not factored into the global limit if the configuration is set to a monetary value. 
  • Rewards that are granted manually will not be blocked if they are above the set rules limit.
  • Rewards that are rejected due to the set limit will have a corresponding message ‘Advocate exceeded the global reward allowance’.

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