How to set up Referral Code Personalization for PURLs

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Personal URL (PURL)

PURL is a unique referral link associated with a specific Advocate. An Advocate can share their PURL with Friends to drive additional conversions for a Referral campaign through instant messaging, emails, social networks and more!

Short Domain and Alias (Optional)

When signing up with Friendbuy, you are given the choice of using an custom Alias and/or a custom Short Domain for the structure of your personalized URLs. This setting is applicable across all PURLs for all campaigns. The default Short Domain is and no Alias is included by default. Alias cannot be changed after it is added, and Short Domain cannot be changed after it is customized. Therefore, it is important to have these set up as intended before your program goes live!

Note: Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to have an Alias or Short Domain setup.

Below is an example of an Alias and a Short Domain so that you can better decide which will work best for your referral program.

Prefix and Seed (Optional)

Each PURL will contain a Seed at the end of the URL. The Seed is set as a randomized alphanumeric string by default for all Referral campaigns (Ex: 12Gy840c). The Seed can be customized per Referral campaign to use either an Advocate's Name or Advocate's Email Address.

Each PURL can contain a Prefix (optional) to the Seed. The Prefix is set as an alphanumeric string for each Referral campaign (Ex: refer12Gy840c). The Prefix can be customized per Referral campaign.

A Referral Code is made up of the Prefix and the Seed. A referral code is a unique code generated by Friendbuy to associate an advocate to a referral campaign.  A referral code can be used to look up the advocate’s name, the advocate’s customer ID and offer information for that particular referral campaign. Attribution between advocate and friend can be established using either a cookie, a coupon code or the referral code. Note: referral code should not be confused with coupon code (even one that can provide referral attribution).

Customize your Prefix and Seed within a Referral Campaign > General tab > Referral Code Personalization section:

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