How to Prompt a Referral After a Positive Review with Friendbuy and Trustpilot (via Iterable)

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How to Prompt a Referral After a Positive Review with Friendbuy and Trustpilot (via Iterable)

Leverage integrations with Iterable, Trustpilot and Friendbuy to provide opportunities for your customers to  refer friends to your brand when they’ve provided a positive product review.  Best practice is to sweeten the offer for this cohort of customers, as they are more likely to become brand Advocates!

Export a List of Customers Who Have Provided Positive Reviews on Trustpilot 

  1. Login to your Trustpilot business account and navigate to Reviews > Product Reviews 

  1. Filter by Star Rating and select both the Great and Excellent review ratings and click Apply. 

  1. Click the blue Export button to export the list of customers who have provided positive reviews.  A CSV should be downloaded onto your computer. 

Upload Email Addresses into Iterable

Once the CSV has been generated in Trustpilot, determine which fields you want to be added to your Iterable list.

Important: ensure your CSV file has an email address field
  1. In your Iterable account, navigate to Audience > Lists

  1. Select IMPORT LIST

  1. Name your list and click NEXT

  1. Either drag and drop or click SELECT A CSV FILE  > click NEXT
  1. Select the CSV File from your computer  (if you slected this option)

  1. You'll see a list upload confirmation message. Click NEXT

  1. Review your sample list and if all looks good, click UPLOAD SUBSCRIBERS on the bottom right.

  1. You’ll see a confirmation message when the list has been successfully imported.

Configure your Dedicated Refer A Friend Email in Iterable 

  1. In your Iterable account, navigate to Messaging and select Campaigns

  1. Click +New campaign > select Email (you can optionally send a dedicated SMS message or push notification to prompt a referral)

  1. Name your email campaign. For example: Dedicated Referral Email - Trustpilot Positive Reviews. Then select Create campaign.
  2. Design your email - you can either Start from Scratch or Browse Templates
  1. Select a template [for this example]

  1. Update campaign details and click Save
  2. Once your email has been customized, select Done in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Select your Audience for this email. Click Select lists
  4. Select the checkbox under the Send column for the correct list and then click Use Selected List
  1. Review the campaign details one more time by clicking Review
  2. You can choose to Send Now or Schedule

 You’re done! 

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