Why was my customers reward rejected?

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One of the most common questions you may receive from your customers using the referral program is "Where is my referral reward?" In this help article, we'll be talking about how you can find the reason for a reward being rejected.

What are some of the reasons that a reward would be rejected?

Rewards can be rejected for the following reasons:

  • They did not meet the Reward Rules that you specified.
  • They triggered one of the Advocate Reward Rejection Settings that you specified.
  • The customer was added to your Blacklist before the reward was evaluated.

How can I find the reason why a customer's reward was rejected?

To view the specific reason a reward was rejected, navigate to Analytics > Reports, then click 'Advocate Rewards'. Under the 'Status' column, you'll be able to find the status of a Reward, as well as the reason(s) a Reward may have been rejected.

To learn more about why a customer's reward was rejected, you can click here for our help article on Rejection Reasons.

Note: You might find that a customer's Reward may be in a 'Pending' status. This can happen in cases where a Reward Delay has been set up, a Reward Email has bounced, if a code bank is empty, or due to an integration.

How can I override a Rejected Reward?

To learn more about how to override a rejected reward, you can click here for our help article on how to do so.

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