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The ‘Emails’ report allows you to see a list of all of the emails that have been entered into the Friendbuy widgets, or any API calls that you have set up with the platform. This will allow you to see who has opted in to email communications, and is a great way of growing your marketing database. Here are some key terms and definitions:


The date and time that the email was entered into the Friendbuy platform, whether it be through a widget or through an API call.


The details surrounding the user who had inputted their email into the platform. This will include:

  • Email
  • Name (if entered/applicable)


The type of user that inputted their email address, which will be either an ‘Advocate’ or a Referred ‘Friend’.

Referral Details

The details of the referral widget where the email address was entered. This will include:

  • Campaign
  • Widget

Opt in Status

The status of the user’s opt-in to your email marketing communications. This will be either ‘True’ or ‘False’.

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