How to Enable the Tremendous Integration

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Tremendous offers a global rewards & incentives platform that makes it simple for businesses to distribute gift cards, prepaid cards and money. This integration allows you to reward Advocates and Referred Friends with cash or 3rd party gift cards on-the-fly.

Integration Instructions

Step 1: In the Friendbuy platform, navigate to Settings > Integrations and click Tremendous

Step 2: Click Install Integration

Before you click install, please make sure Tremendous has granted API access for your account. You can reach out to to confirm.

Step 3: You will be prompted to login to your Tremendous account

In the background, Tremendous will send Friendbuy the API key for your account. If you are already logged into your Tremendous account, the API key associated with the account you're logged into will be used.

Step 4: Select the funding source you would like to use.

Please make sure to set up a Low Funds Alert on your Tremendous dashboard. Friendbuy will not be able to generate a reward email if your funding source is empty

If you have not setup a funding source, you will be prompted to set this up in Tremendous

Now that the integration is successfully installed, it's time to configure the Advocate Rewards and/or Friend Incentives for your campaign!

Setting Up Advocate Rewards with Tremendous

Step 1: Navigate to Referral > Campaigns > Advocate Reward

Step 2: Select Tremendous - Gift Card from the dropdown

Step 3: Add a reward amount and then select a Tremendous Campaign ID to associate with the reward.

The Tremendous campaign ID is the one configured in your Tremendous account

Step 4: Click Publish Campaign to push the changes live!

Setting Up Friend Incentives with Tremendous

Step 1: Navigate to Referral > Campaigns > Friend Incentive

Step 2: Select TREMENDOUS gift card after the Friend completes their purchase from the dropdown

Step 3: Add an incentive amount and then select a Tremendous Campaign ID to associate to the incentive

Step 4: Click Publish Changes and you're done!

Enable W-9 Form Collection

Tremendous tracks the annual volume of rewards received by a specific email address. If a redemption would cause a specific email address to gain $600+ in annual reward volume, they are required to complete a W-9 before they can select their reward. This is an easy feature to enable in your Tremendous account.

Since this works through email tracking, it does require that the same email address be used for all the rewards any recipient receives each year

Step 1: In your Tremendous settings, navigate to Tax Documents and click Turn on W-9 Collection.

Step 2: Click Turn On

Upload Tremendous Codes to Friendbuy Coupon Banks

If you'd prefer to generate a batch of codes from the Tremendous platform and upload those codes into Friendbuy coupon banks, you will need to contact your Friendbuy representative and ask them to turn on case-sensitivity for your coupon banks prior to uploading them into Friendbuy. Tremendous gift card links are case sensitive and will not resolve correctly unless this is done. By default Friendbuy code banks force coupons to be lowercase

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