How to Make Changes to a Theme

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Friendbuy powers a widget editor to simplify making changes to your themes. 

To navigate to the widget editor, select Themes > then select the "Edit" button on the theme you wish to edit. 

Once in the widget editor, there are a number of items you can edit. The widget editor also has a preview mode so you can test the UX of any changes made. The most common changes are below. Make sure you click "save" after making any changes you want to keep! 

  1. Changing Copy

Select the Text component you want to edit, then click the "T" from the upper menu. You can type in the new copy in the "Text Content" Box.

  1. Styling Text

The widget editor menu allows you to configure text color, font, size, orientation, and other attributes. It also supports pasting custom CSS or markdown. In this example, we'll change the font from Oswald to Diosis, and leave the remaining settings alone.

  1. Uploading a Hero Image/Video to a Widget

Select "Hero Image" from the left-hand menu, then click on the image icon on the top menu.

From there, you'll be taken to an upload screen where you can upload your hero image. Hero images can be up to 1MB in size. Videos can be up to 5MB. Remove spaces in your file names before uploading.

  1. Adding Actions

Each component on your widgets can do things like copy links, redirect users to another page, or simply close the widget. These are called "actions." To add or edit an action, select the component, then click on the mouse icon from the top menu.

There are a number of actions available, but the most common are copying a pURL, sharing a referral link, or redirecting a user to another page.

  1. Changing pURL Aliases

pURLs (aka personal URLs), can be edited to use your company alias. To change the pURL alias, select the pURL component and change the text:

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