Managing Your Account Settings

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Your Account Settings allows you to manage different areas of your account by allowing you to set up Low Coupon Bank notifications, your Company Name, Time Zone, and other settings. Here are the different options available to you in the Account Settings and what they do!

General Settings

Company Name

The Company Name is an internal identifier for your Friendbuy account. It is not exposed to customers.

Site URL

Your company homepage associated with the Friendbuy account.

Terms & Conditions URL

The URL that is applied to the Terms & Conditions links in your referral campaign.

Referral Link Fallback URL

When a Referral link is invalid, blocked, or has reached its max clicks limit, redirect clicks to your choice of either a Friendbuy Hosted Landing Page or a Custom URL of your creation. You can learn more about how to create a Referral Link Fallback URL by clicking here.

Time Zone

The Time Zone that is used across the account. Analytics and Reporting will be represented with the selected Time Zone.


The Currency that is used across the account. Reporting will be represented with the selected Currency. It is important to set the currency (USD, GBP, etc.) to match the currency sent to Friendbuy through the Purchase Tracker.

UTM Source

The UTM source that is automatically applied to all destination URLs. By default, this will be 'friendbuy'.

Merchant ID

Your unique Merchant ID, needed for our Integration Code and APIs. This ID cannot be modified.


Primary Email Notification Recipient

The primary email that will be notified when a Code Bank is running low or empty.

Secondary Email Notification Recipient

An additional email that can be notified when a Code Bank is running low or empty.

Note: Learn how to configure your Code Bank notifications in this article.

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