How to Include a Customer's Loyalty Points Balance in an Attentive Text

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How to Include a Customer's Loyalty Points Balance in an Attentive Text

It's now easier than ever to communicate with your customers about your loyalty program. With Friendbuy's integration with Attentive you can dynamically include a customer's points balance in any email or text that you're sending to your email or SMS subscribers.


You'll need to have an active Friendbuy and Attentive account and have access to Friendbuy's loyalty product.

Create a Segment that includes a subscriber's loyalty points balance

  1. Login to your Attentive account
  2. Navigate to Segments and select Create a Segment

  1. Create a Dynamic Segment
  1. When selecting the subscriber segment, choose the condition A subscriber's characteristics
  1. Select Friendbuy Points Balance as the subsciber's activity and then determine the criteria for how many points need to exist in order for the subscriber to be eligible for this segment. Then click Create
  1. Segment will be saved

Create a Campaign

  1. In your Attentive account, navigate to Campaigns. Then click Create Campaign
  1. Under Create Message select Text
  1. Name your Campaign and Choose the Audience. Click Save
  1. Compose your message and click the merge variable icon to insert the points balance merge variable
  1. Select from the Choose variable dropdown
  2. Select Friendbuy Points Balance
  3. Once the campaign is ready to go click Review and Schedule Campaign
  4. Select Schedule Campaign

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