Setting Up Shopify Coupon Code Integration

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When setting up an Advocate Reward or Friend Incentive, merchants that have installed Friendbuy's Shopify integration have the ability to distribute coupon codes that will automatically be generated 'on the fly' when a customer completes a Referral campaign conversion event.

Each Shopify coupon code will be unique for the customer as well as good for only one-time use on all products and will not expire. Set up the coupon code to be a fixed amount or percentage discount. Optionally, the coupon codes can be set up with a minimum purchase amount requirement and are only redeemable for new customers at checkout.

Setting Up an Advocate Reward or Friend Incentive to use the Shopify Coupons Integration

The Shopify integration is required to use this feature. To set up or check if it is installed, go to Developer Center > Integrations > Shopify to confirm a blue checkmark is visible on the card

Step 1

For Advocates: Go to the desired Referral campaign > Edit > Advocate Reward tab > Reward Settings. Select Shopify Coupons from the dropdown menu under How will you reward your Advocates? 

For Friends: Go to the desired Referral campaign > Edit > Friend Incentive tab > Incentive Settings. Select Shopify Coupons from the dropdown menu under: How will you incentivize referred Friends?

Step 2

Within the Shopify Coupon Rules modal, customize your rules for how customers can redeem the coupon codes at your Shopify store.

  • Code Prefix (Recommended): Enter an alphanumeric prefix that will appear at the beginning of each coupon code
  • Discount Type (Required): Select either a Fixed or Percentage discount for the coupon
  • Discount Amount (Required): Enter the discount amount for the coupon
  • Minimum Purchase Requirement (Optional): Enter an amount such that the coupon can only be redeemed at your store if the cart total is above the minimum purchase requirement. Note: the minimum amount reflects the cart total before any discount is applied.
  • New Customers Only Requirement (Optional): Choose if the coupon can only be redeemed at your store by only a new customer or by everyone
Important: If New Customer Only requirement is enabled, your Shopify store settings must have a customer segment set up for customers who haven't purchased (see screenshot below), with the corresponding business logic: number_of_orders = 0
- Code Prefix is recommended to easily identify and track codes that were earned through the Referral campaign. Prefixes should be only a few characters long. It is recommended to use 'adv' for Advocate coupons and 'frnd' for Friend coupons.

- New Customer Only Requirement is recommended for Friend Incentives only, since Advocate Rewards are typically distributed to repeat customers.

Step 3

After you have completed all necessary steps, be sure to double-check each input is correct. Then, click Save Changes (if your campaign is not yet running) or Publish Changes (if your campaign is running).

Tip: Use the Analytics > Reports section to track when coupon codes are distributed, to whom, and redemption status.

Step 4 (Optional)

If you need to modify the coupon rules after set up, click the Modify Rules button next to the coupon code summary (highlighted in blue). Modifying coupon rules will only apply to coupons distributed to customers after the changes are saved. Changes will not affect coupons that have already been distributed.

Note: If you would like to set up Shopify coupon codes with additional rules (free shipping, SKU based, etc), you can generate coupons in bulk and upload them to a Friendbuy Code Bank instead of using the integration. Learn more.

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