How to Enable the Iterable Integration

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Leverage the Friendbuy integration with Iterable to accelerate email and SMS subscriber growth and seamlessly incorporate your referral program as part of your customer notification strategy (i.e. Email, SMS and Push). 

Friendbuy will be sending Advocate and Friend Email Addresses, Advocate Personal URLs (PURLs) and Coupon Codes that have been distributed to referred Friends through your referral program. 

Advocate and Friend email addresses will be added to two specific lists that are pre-generated once the integration is enabled.


In your Iterable account, navigate to Integrations > API Keys


Type in a name for your new API Key.  Recommendation is to call it “Friendbuy Integration”.  Then, choose Standard for the API key Type.

Click Copy so your API key copies to your clipboard.  

Make sure you save this in a secure location because once you click close, you will not be able to access the entire API key from your Iterable account.  You will need to generate a new API key and go through the steps to re-integrate Friendbuy. 

In your Friendbuy account, navigate to Settings 

Click Integrations at the top of the page.  Then, click on the Iterable integration.

Enter the API Key that you retrieved from your Iterable account and paste it into the input field under API Key.  Then click, Install Integration. 


Once the integration has been successfully installed, two additional email lists will be generated in your Iterable account and data will start flowing from Friendbuy to Iterable automatically.  Please see more details below. 

How to See the Data in Iterable

In your Iterable account, navigate to Audience > Lists

You will now see two new lists; one called Friendbuy Advocates and the other called Friendbuy Referred Friend

Advocate email addresses and phone numbers (optional) that are captured through your Referral Widgets will automatically display in the user profile under the Friendbuy Advocates list

Sample Referral Widget (Burrow)

The referral link that was generated for a given Advocate will also be displayed  in their Iterable user profile.  Click on any email address in this list to view this referral link.

Click the Email Address 


View the Advocate’s referral link next to friendbuy_purl 

Referred friend email addresses and optionally phone numbers that are captured from your Friend Incentive Widgets will automatically display in the user profile under the Friendbuy Referred Friend list. 

Sample Friend Incentive Widget (Burrow)

We will also display the coupon codes that were sent to Advocates and referred Friends and you can see this code if available under couponCode.  We will also display the status of the coupon code under CouponStatus.

The status will either say distributed if the coupon code was distributed to the user via Friendbuy, or redeemed, if the coupon code was redeemed at checkout.

Also, if you click on the email address, you can see the coupon code under Available User Fields 


  • Q: Where will the referral program emails be sent from?
    A: Referral program emails will be sent from the Friendbuy platform, leveraging your domain authority.
  • Q: How can I leverage this Friendbuy data now that it’s in Iterable?
    A: Both Friendbuy Advocate and Friendbuy Referred Friend lists can be used with Iterable’s Campaign and Workflows functionality.

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