How to Reward Customers for Providing a Review Through Okendo via Klaviyo Through Your Loyalty Program

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How to Reward Customers for Providing a Review Through Okendo via Klaviyo Through Your Loyalty Program

In order to use this workflow, you will first need to ensure that your Friendbuy and Okendo integrations are enabled in Klaviyo.

Create a new flow

To create a new flow in Klaviyo, navigate to Flows on the left side menu, click Create flow in the top right and select Create From Scratch.

It's always best to give your flows clear names like “Friendbuy rewards for Okendo reviews” so you can distinguish them easily!

Set up the trigger and filters for your new flow

In the TRIGGER SETUP menu on the left, select Metric.

In the Choose metric…. dropdown that appears, search for and select Created Okendo Review.

If you are unable to find this metric, ensure that your Okendo integration is enabled

Because Friendbuy requires at minimum a recipient email to issue rewards and we need to ensure that the survey taker has a loyalty program membership, you will need to set up two Flow Filters.

Under Trigger Setup select Flow Filters.

Create the first filter in the dropdown menus by selecting Properties about someone, Email, and is set.

Click the +AND button.

Create the second filter by selecting Properties about someone, Friendbuy Referral Link, and is set, then click the black Save button.

Add a Friendbuy webhook to your new flow

First, in the Friendbuy app, navigate to the DevelopersIntegrationsKlaviyo page where you will find your Flow Webhook Destination. Copy this URL.

Note that if you ever refresh this in the Friendbuy app, the new URL will have to be added to this Klaviyo flow for it to continue to work.

Return to the Klaviyo Flow builder.

Drag the Webhook Action from the sidebar and place it directly under the Trigger component.

When you click this new Webhook action, a configuration menu will appear on the left side of your screen. In this menu, paste the Flow Webhook Destination URL you just copied from Friendbuy into the URL field where it says Add the destination URL.

 In the JSON BODY field in the same menu, copy and paste the following JSON payload and click Save.

"email":"{{ person.Email}}",
"phone":"{{ person|lookup:'Phone Number'}}",
"attributes": {
"flowTag": "Okendo Reward"
Take note of the flowTag attribute as you will need this shortly. In the example above, the flowTag is being set to “Okendo Reward” - you can use any name here, but it will need to be matched exactly when you return to the Friendbuy app.

Set up the earning event in Friendbuy

In the top right corner of your screen you’ll see a button labeled Update Action Statuses. Select this and set to Live from the status dropdown to publish your Klaviyo Flow.

Return to the Friendbuy app and select LoyaltyEarning Events tab → +Add Earning EventKlaviyo Flow earning event.

And in the earning event configuration, add a new rule to only reward when the flowTag Custom Attribute is equal to Okendo Reward

If you edited the flowTag in the earlier step, this is where it will need to match.

Finally, configure your preferred reward options and select Save & Activate.

You're all set!

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