How to Assign an Email to a Campaign

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Assigning an Email to a Referral Campaign

To assign an email to a Referral Campaign, go to Referral > selected the desired Campaign > click the Emails tab within Campaign settings. Then click the (+) button next to the relevant email type and select the email you'd like to assign. Note: Archived emails will not be selectable.

After an email is selected, it will be assigned to the campaign showing the Email Name and Subject Line in a gray box. Be sure to Save the campaign after assigning an email.

You can also Replace or Remove an existing emails that is already assigned to the Campaign by clicking the three dot menu within the same tab. Replacing an email required you to select a different email of the same email type.

Separately, assigning emails to Advocate Reward Tiers is done within the Advocate Reward > Tiers section of Campaign settings. Note: Only Advocate Reward Type emails can be assigned to a Tier.

If you need to create a new email or make edits to an existing email, go to the Emails section within the left menu column. Learn more about managing emails here.

Additional Notes

- Each email can be assinged to multiple campaigns.

- Only emails the corresponding Email Type can be assigned to a campaing. For example, a Friend Incentive Email Type can only be assigned to a campaign as a Friend Incentive email.

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