How to Set up a Self-Referral Overlay

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The Self-Referral Overlay can be leveraged for when a customer attempts to refer themselves OR combine when the fallback URL is enabled through Friendbuy.


  1. Select 'Referral' in the left-side navigation 

  1. Select the Campaign for where the Self-Referral Overlay will live.
This step assumes a campaign already exists. Should you need to create your first campaign, head here.
  1. Navigate to the 'Widgets' tab in the Campaign.

  1. Select the 'Additional Widgets' tile > Click 'Add New Widget' under the tiles on the right-hand side.

  1. From the flyout, select a widget style created specifically for the Self-Referral Overlay.

  1. In order for the overlay to display correctly on a page, Friendbuy needs the following information to be configured:
    1. 'Widget Recipient' set as 'Friend'
    2. 'Display widget as an overlay?' set as 'Yes'
    3. 'Show Widget Sitewide?' set as 'No, show the widget only on whitelisted URLs and page'
    4. In 'Whitelisted URLs', add '?referral=oops'

  1. When complete, toggle the widget to 'Is Visible' and then click 'Publish Changes'.

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > 'Program Integrity' and update the ‘Self-Referral Redirect URL' to be your website plus the 'Whitelisted URL' added while setting up the Self-Referral Overlay.

  1. Click ‘Save Changes’ by scrolling to the bottom of the Fraud Protection section.

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