How to Set Up a Redirect for Limited Time Campaigns

Setup a redirect for limited time referral campaigns, such as seasonal campaigns you might run for International Friendship Day, Black Friday or Anniversary sales. When a time-based campaign ends and you decide to deactivate the campaign, any referred Friend who clicks through a referral link will now land on the redirected destination and the Advocate will receive the reward associated with the new campaign.


  1. You need a Source Campaign from which you want to redirect traffic.
  2. You need a Target Campaign which will serve as the new destination referral program.
The source campaign has to be in the Inactive state, whereas the target campaign has to be in the Active state. 

Getting Started

  1. Deactivate your source campaign.

Access your Friendbuy account and go to Referral > Overview. Choose the source campaign you want to deactivate. Then, select the Campaign is inactive radio button. Finally, click Save to confirm the changes.

  1. Proceed to the bottom of the General tab for your source campaign and choose a target campaign.
Remember that your selected target campaign must be active.

  1. Click Save and confirm your changes.
  1. There are a few ways to confirm that your campaign redirect is set up properly. 
    1. Within the General tab of your source campaign, you will now notice an icon in the header indicating the target campaign redirect.
    1. In the Referral section’s Overview tab, the target campaign will now display an icon that indicates the campaign redirect.
    1. The Campaign Redirect section within the General tab of the target campaign will appear grayed out. This is because only inactive campaigns can serve as source campaigns.


  1. Where will the analytics of the redirected campaign be? The analytics for the redirected campaign will be divided as follows: share and click metrics will remain in the source campaign analytics, while conversion metrics will now be captured in the target campaign.
  2. What will happen if an advocate shared a campaign prior to a Campaign Redirect? The Advocate reward value will be determined by the time in which the Friend converted. If the friend converted before the redirect was set, the advocate reward will be based on the original campaign. If the friend converted after the redirect has been set, the advocate reward will be that of the Target campaign. 
  3. Can a target campaign have multiple source campaigns? Yes, a target campaign can have multiple source campaigns redirecting to it.
  4. Can a source campaign redirect to multiple target campaigns? No, a source campaign can only redirect to a single target campaign.
  5. Once I set up a campaign redirect from a Source to a target campaign, can I make future changes to the redirect settings? Yes, you have the flexibility to remove the redirect or add more source campaigns to a target campaign in the future. If you would like to fully disable a campaign redirect in a source campaign, you can do so by unselecting the target campaign in the General tab. 
  6. Can you activate a source campaign? No, you must first remove the target campaign from the source campaign before activating it. The activation options will be disabled until you do so.
  7. Can I archive a Source or target campaign? There are restrictions on archiving Source or target campaigns. The frontend interface will not display the archive option for campaigns that are either source or target campaigns. Additionally, campaigns that are archived cannot be redirected to a target campaign.

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