How to Set Up and Change Your Email Sender

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Setting up your Email Settings is one of the most important steps in setting up a referral program. In this help article, we'll be reviewing how to set up your Email Sender, along with how to verify your sender address as well!

Setting Up Your Email Sender

Step 1

Navigate to Settings > Email Sender

Step 2

Input the required fields in the Email Sender area! The From Address will be the email address that customers receive emails from, while the Company Name will be the 'From' name that customers will see when receiving an email. The company address can be placed or included in the email footer using one of our merge variables. Be sure to press Save Changes once you're finished!

Step 3

Now that you've set up your Email Sender settings, it's time to verify your Email Domain! After saving your Email Sender settings, you should notice a box of information below under Email Domain Verification that will look something like this:

These DNS Server Records are how our platform and Email Service Providers recognize your new referral emails as actually coming from your domain. These DNS Records act as a sort of 'verification', and need to be added to your DNS Provider to be fully verified.

You'll notice that there are two types of records that need to be added:

  • 1 Verification Record
  • 3 CNAME Records

Under each section, our platform will tell you what the Name of the record should be, what the Value of the record should be, as well as what Type of record it should be added as. Once you've added the required records to your DNS provider as specified, you're ready to verify your Email Domain!

Step 4

You can now click the blue verification button below the Email Domain Verification box to complete the verification.

If all looks good, your DNS Server Status will update and look like the following. As long as both prompts are green, you are all set and ready to start sending referral emails!


If the record is still pending after you've added the records, try removing the domain from the "Name" column as shown below. It's normally needed for the "Value," but some domain providers automatically include it in the "Name" section.

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