How to Send a Customer their Loyalty Points Balance Through Klaviyo

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How to Send a Customer their Loyalty Points Balance Through Klaviyo

It's now easier than ever to communicate with your customers about your loyalty program. With Friendbuy's integration with Klaviyo you can dynamically include a customer's points balance in any email or text that you're sending to your email or SMS subscribers.


You'll need to have an active Friendbuy and Klaviyo account and have access to Friendbuy's loyalty product

Create a Segment that includes a subscriber's loyalty points balance

  1. Login to your Klaviyo account
  2. Navigate to Audience > Lists & segments
  1. Click Create List / Segment
  1. Select Segment
  1. Set the following conditions for your Segment:
    Name: Ex. Loyalty Members
    Definition: What someone has done (or not done) & Has Friendbuy - Loyalty Reward Earned - at least once - over all time. Click Create Segment

Create a Flow to send an email reminder for a loyalty member to redeem their points

  1. Navigate to Flows > Create Flow
  1. Click Create from Scratch
  1. Name your flow. Example: Loyalty Points Balance Reminder. Click Create Flow
  1. Select a Flow Trigger from a Segment
  2. Select the Segment Loyalty Members from the dropdown list
  1. Click Add a Flow Trigger
  1. Select Properties about someone from the Dropdown

  1. Under the Dimension dropdown, select Friendbuy Points Balance and then equals [Insert Value]. The example below includes 100 as the point value
  1. Once the trigger is set, configure a Time Delay as part of your flow, so you can send an email X number of days after the customer joins the Loyalty Members segment. The example below includes a [30] day delay.
  1. Configure an email template that includes the points balance information. Once you've dragged the Email as part of the flow, click Edit to select and configure a template
  1. Add your desired email flow content and select which option you'd like to use to customize your email.
  1. In the below Drag and Drop Email example, click the person icon to add the Friendbuy Points Balance merge variable in your email.
  2. This is how your Points Balance Reminder flow should look! (of course, you can customize however you'd like).
  3. Once you're happy with the flow, you're ready to turn it on. So select, Turn On!

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