How to Search for a Customer Profile

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Customer care representatives can use the Customer Service Look Up feature as a tool to find customer info quickly and efficiently. Use the search functionality to look up a customer profile and view Advocate Rewards, Shares, Friend Incentives, and Purchase history. We've made it easy to find the information you need to help answer any customer service questions. Here is a guide to help you get started.

  1. Click on Customer Service in the left menu to open the Customer Look Up search tool
  2. Use the dropdown arrow in the search bar to select a category: Email Address, Customer IDOrder IDCoupon/Gift Code, or Referral Code
  3. Enter the corresponding search criteria
  4. Press Enter to search for the matching customer profile
  5. Review the matching customer profile info and tabs for Advocate Rewards, Shares, Friend Incentives, and Purchase history.

Additional notes on search tool functionality:

  • Search criteria must be entered as an exact match. Search criteria is case-sensitive when searching by Customer ID, Order ID, or Referral Code. Only one matching customer profile will be returned in the results, if found.
  • Searches by Order ID will return the customer profile that made the purchase.
  • Searches by Coupon/Gift Code will return the customer profile that was issued the coupon code or gift card by Friendbuy -- not necessarily the customer that redeemed the coupon code or gift card. Gift cards distributed in the form of a link are not exposed for privacy reasons and therefore are not searchable.
  • Searches by Referral Code will return the customer profile that is unique to the Advocate. Referral Code is included at the end of each referral link. For example, the Referral Code for is EzcW
Note: This feature is accessible to accounts with the Admin, Customer Service, or Store Associate role.

Advocate Rewards

One of the most common questions a customer may ask is Where is my reward? The best place to check status is in the Advocate Rewards tab.

In the above scenario, the reason the Advocate Reward was Not Eligible is because the Referred Friend was not a new customer. Other helpful info you can find in this section includes the coupon code the Advocate was rewarded (when applicable) and Referred Friend purchase details.

To better understand Reward Status, review these definitions:

Reward Status

What this means:


The Referred Friend (the referee) successfully converted in your referral funnel, and the reward for the Advocate (the referrer) has been validated and distributed.


The reward was not distributed to the Advocate, with the rejection reason displayed below the status.

Not Eligible

The reward was not distributed to the Advocate, with the not eligible reason displayed below the status.


There are conditions that must be triggered before the reward can be sent. This status usually occurs when the Referred friend has purchased a product and is still within the product return window. Once the return window ends (ie, reward delay), the status will update.

This can also appear due to an issue distributing the reward, with a retry mechanism in place.


There are times when you’d need to look up the status of a Share, such as when the Advocate (referrer) isn’t sure of where the referred friend is in the referral funnel. Use the Shares tab to look up the status.

In the above scenario, you can see the status of the share, the status of any Friend Incentive, and the purchase associated with the referral.

To better understand Share Status, review these definitions:

Share Status

What this means:

Email captured via Referral Link

Referred Friends who have clicked on a Personal URL (PURL) or other referral link sent to them were directed back to your site, and proceeded to enter their email address into an Email Capture Widget to receive the Incentive.

Email Sent

An Advocate shared with a Friend via their Email and the email was successfully delivered to the Friend's inbox.

Email Opt-out

A Referred Friend has prevoiusly opted out of receiving Share Emails from Friendbuy, and was not sent the referral email.


The referral email was attempted to be sent to the Referred Friend, but the email failed to deliver. This most commonly happens due to a misspelleded email address.

Friend Incentives

There may be cases where your team needs to find the coupon code distributed to a Referred Friend or figure out why a Referred Friend didn't receive a coupon code in the first place. Use the Friend Incentive tab to find this info.


If you are looking to find out more about a customer's purchase history or which Advocate referred the purchaser, you can find info in the Purchases tab within the customer profile.

Under the Advocate column, you can find which Advocate was assigned attribution for Friend's purchase. This may be particularly useful if a customer was referred by multiple Advocates.

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