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When launching a referral program, it is important that your customers know the program exists and that there is an opportunity to earn rewards for sharing with friends. A key component of referral program awareness is implementing noticeable program placements on your website via Desktop and Mobile, which enable customers to refer on impulse. 

Friendbuy recommends the implementation of all best practice placements shown below to ensure maximum performance, along with a helpful formula for keeping best practices top of mind throughout the customer journey. 


Primary CTA

A key placement for referral program awareness and accessibility is through a Primary CTA. Think of this placement as the main way to find the referral program to support impulse referrals based on its location. Customers following this best practice consistently see share rates between 10-15% and up to 30% of total referral revenue contribution. 

Examples of a Primary CTA are as follows: 

Homepage Desktop Ribbon

and/or Desktop Main Navigation

Mobile Hamburger Menu CTA and Mobile App (if applicable) 

Referral Landing Page

Drive referral program awareness through email and social to a dedicated Referral Landing Page. Having a referral Landing Page is the best way to track off-site marketing efforts. When properly marketed, customers can see around 40% of total referral revenue contribution from this placement. Intent to share is significantly higher, resulting in increased share rates.

Below is an example of a dedicated referral email directing to a Referral Landing Page: 

Post-Purchase Overlay

Capitalize on the excitement of a purchase by implementing a Post-Purchase Overlay. This placement supports program performance through increased awareness and drives engagement with other program placements such as the Primary CTA. Customers following this best practice consistently see share rates between 2-5% and 10-20% of total referral revenue contribution. 

Example scenario: customer makes a purchase and sees the Post-Purchase Overlay at order confirmation (Awareness). Later that week when chatting with a friend, the customer remembers that they can leverage the referral program to share with their friend and earn a reward when the friend purchases. The customer visits the site and finds the Primary CTA on the homepage (Accessibility + Ease of Use). These placements have generated an Impulse Referral! 

Friend Landing Page

A dedicated Friend Landing Page improves conversion by clearly showing the friend that they are being referred, and that is why they are receiving a special offer. This placement helps eliminate distractions such as other on-site offers and pop-ups on the page. 

Account Page Widget

If customers are required to log in or frequently log in to manage their account, take advantage of additional site real estate to incorporate a strategic referral CTA placement on the account page. Merchants with high account page engagement could achieve up to 15% of overall referral revenue from this placement. 

Friendbuy recommends displaying personalized referral links for easy access to refer on impulse on the account page. 

Implementing our best practice program placements on Desktop and/or Mobile will help drive maximum program awareness and impulse referrals! 

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