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This feature allows you to export a report that includes all transactional events on the Friendbuy ledger so you can view credits, debits, and any applicable expiration events over a selected period of time.

Note: This feature is only available if you are using Account Credit or Points as a reward type.


Step 1

Navigate to Analytics > Reports > Account Credit or Points tab

Step 2

Here you will see a sample report of the types of information available within the export. This report is currently only available as an export. Use the date picker to select a date range and then click Export.

Step 3

A success message will be displayed that confirms the email address the report will be sent to.

Step 4

You will receive an email from Friendbuy with a download link of the export file within a few minutes.

Tip: If you do not receive an email from Friendbuy containing the download link within 10 minutes, please check your inbox's junk folder before contacting

Step 5

Click View My Report to download the file as a CSV. The report will appear in your downloads folder on your computer.

Export details

Below are the column headers and their corresponding definitions

Column Header


Date and time of the transaction

Customer Email

Email address of customer associated with the transaction

Customer ID

Customer ID (merchant provided) of customer associated with the transaction

Credit Source

Reward; if credit was earned by the customer

Redemption; if credit was redeemed by the customer

Reversal; if customer applied credit to checkout, but then reversed it back to their account before completing checkout

Manual; if credit was manually added or removed on the customer's account

Credit Expiration; if credit reached its expiration date

Friend Email

Email address of the referred Friend (Only applicable for a Referral Reward)

Friend Order ID

Order ID of the Referred Friend (Only applicable for a Referral Reward)

Details / Reason

If a reward was manually issued or removed, the issuer is required to enter a reason for the adjustment

Issued By

Email address of the issuer of the manual credit adjustment

Transaction Amount

Credit amount of the associated transaction

Customer Running Balance

Running end credit balance of the customer


Currency of the credit for the transaction

Expiration Date

Date and time the credit is set to expire, if any

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