Account Credit Export

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This feature allows you to export a report that includes account credit transactional events so you can view credit balances for your customers
This feature is only available to merchants leveraging Account Credit as a reward type


Step 1

Navigate to Analytics > Reports > Account Credit

Step 2

Here you will see a preview of the information available within the export. Click Export

Step 3

A success message will be displayed that confirms the email address the report will be sent to

Step 4

You will receive an email with the export

Step 5

Click View Report

Step 6

The report will appear in your downloads as a CSV

Below are the CSV field headers and their corresponding definitions

Date that credit was applied / removed
Customer Email
Email address of customer who the credit amount applies to
Customer ID
Customer ID of customer who the credit amount applies to (provided by merchant)
Credit Source
Reward; if credit was rewarded and is available in the customer's account
Redemption; if credit was redeemed by the customer
Reversal; if customer applied credit to checkout, but then reversed it back to their account
Manual; if credit was manually added or removed to the customer's account
Friend Email
Email address of the referred Friend (Only applicable for a Referral Reward)
Friend Order ID
Order ID of the Referred Friend (Only applicable for a Referral Reward)
Details / Reason
If a reward was manually issued or removed, the issuer needs to supply a reason for the adjustment
Issued By
Email address of the issuer of the manual credit adjustment
Transaction Amount
Amount of the credit applied, redeemed or removed
Customer Running Balance
Running credit balance of the customer
Currency selected at the time your Friendbuy merchant account was created

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