How can I invite my team to the Friendbuy platform?

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Needing to invite team members to the Friendbuy platform? We make it easy! In this help article, we'll discuss how you can invite team members to your Friendbuy account.

Note: In order to invite team members to the Friendbuy platform, you will need to have the Admin role.

How to invite team members to the Friendbuy platform

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click Team
  3. Click Invite
  4. Select a Role for your team member
  5. Enter their Email Address and click Invite User

What access does each of the Roles have?


Has Access to:


Analytics, Referral, Themes, Code Banks, Files, Customer Service, Developer Center, Settings


Referral, Themes, Files, Developer Center, Settings


Referral, Themes, Files

Customer Service

Customer Service

Store Associate

Customer Service

Note: If you'd like to change a user's Role, you'll need to delete the user by clicking the Trash icon and re-inviting them as a new user.

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