Uploading Data From a Legacy Loyalty Program

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Are you transitioning to Friendbuy from an existing loyalty program? If yes, we will need to upload your customer data so that they can continue to build off their existing point balance.

Data Upload Process:

  1. When you are fully intergrated with friendbuy and ready to start the transition process from your previous loyalty program (please see prerequisite tasks below), you will first need to turn off your previous loyalty program so that customers will stop earning points in that program.
    1. Remove any earning event widgets, dashboards and any references to point balances.
    2. Friendbuy recommends that you add temporary text to your site to explain that your loyalty program will be going through temporary maintenance/upgrades (up to one week). Explain that during this downtime, you will still be able to earn points on purchases but you will not be able to redeem points for rewards.
  2. Once the previous program is turned off, you will need to turn on Friendbuy's loyalty program.
    1. Set your opt-in method: automatic or manual. We recommend automatic opt-in so that any user who creates an account or makes a purchase is automatically opted in to loyalty. With this method, we can capture new customers during the downtime period.
    2. Turn on the "purchases" earning event.
  3. Send your historical customer data to Friendbuy in CSV format. What data do we need?
    • Customer ID (if using Shopify, this should be the Shopify Customer ID)
    • Email Address. Format = user@mail.com
    • Customer Point Balance. Format = 1000
    • Expiration Date (optional). Format = either (YYYY-MM-DD or M/D/YYYY)
    • Opt-in Date (optional). Format = either (YYYY-MM-DD or M/D/YYYY)
  4. Friendbuy will upload your data. This can take approximately 2 to 4 business days, depending on how many customers you have. If you have less than 500k customers, this has historically taken up to 48 hours. During this time, customers will be able to earn points on purchases but will not be able to redeem points for rewards.

After the upload is completed:

  1. Remove the text from your website that explains that the loyalty program is going through temporary maintenance and upgrades.
  2. Enable Friendbuy's earning event and dashboard widgets on your site. These are typically on the user's account page and on the loyalty landing page.
  3. Done! You are officially transitioned over to Friendbuy!

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