How to Configure Tiered Rewards

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Whether you are setting up your referral program reward for the first time or coming back to explore new reward alternatives for your Advocates, consider using Tiered Rewards to create a more sophisticated program. Tiered Rewards are a fantastic way to rewards your Advocates for continued referrals, providing them with more enticing rewards to earn as they refer more Friends. In this help article we will go over how to configure Tiered Rewards in your campaign!

Configuring Tiered Rewards

You can set up Tiered Rewards by first navigating to Referral > Campaigns > Select/Create a Campaign > Advocate Reward > Reward Allowance > Add a New Tier

The default Reward Allowance tier for a new campaign is set to reward the Advocate starting from the first successful referral conversion. You can update the Reward From Event* field from 1 to a specific number of referred conversions required before the first reward is earned by an Advocate.

Step 1

Select Add a New Tier to add a second reward tier to customize your Advocate Rewards. Within the new tier, you can input a numerical range for the number of rewards you would like the new tier to start from by using the From field.

Note: If you only want to send a reward to an Advocate on the ‘n’th reward, you can do so by entering the same number in both the From and To fields.

For example, if you’d like to reward Advocates for only their 2nd and 4th successful referred conversions, you should set the first tier from event 2 to 2, and the second tier from event 4 to 4.
Step 2

Select the type of reward that you would like to send to your Advocates. The reward type can be a Coupon Code, Account Credit, Gift Card, or Other. Based on the reward type you choose, you will need to enter additional info such as the Code Bank (for Coupon Code or Gift Card) or Amount (for Account Credit). Account Credit can be either a dollar amount or a percentage-based reward.

Step 3

Select the Reward Email that you would like to send to the Advocate when they successfully earn the associated reward. You can choose to send the default Advocate Reward Email or create unique emails for each reward tier. To create additional emails, navigate to the Emails tab at the top of the page and then tap on the + button in the Additional Emails section. Additional emails will be available to select from the dropdown menu in each reward tier after the email is created and saved

Step 4

After you have set up your tiered rewards, be sure to double-check each input selection is correct. Then, click Save (if your campaign is not yet running) or Publish Changes (if your campaign is running) in the top right corner of your screen.

Additional Notes
  • To delete a reward tier, select the red "Remove This Reward Tier" button in the bottom right-hand corner of each tier.
  • You will not be able to delete an Additional Email if it is currently assigned to a campaign reward tier. If you'd like to do so, first un-assign the email from each reward tier, which will then allow you to delete the additional email.
  • You can include merge variables in the body of your reward emails, such as {{reward.amount}}, which will update with the corresponding value based on the appropriate values designed within each reward tier.

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