How to set up an Expiration Reminder email

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If you set up credits to expire for your referral or loyalty program, you can also set up an Expiration Reminder email to notify your customers to use their credits before they expire. This is a valuable tool to reengage customers who may have forgotten about their credits and can be as a friendly reminder to visit your store to get the most benefit out of their credits.

Note: This feature is only available if are using Account Credit or Points as a reward type. In this help article they will be referred to interchangeably as credits.

A customer will receive an Expiration Reminder email on the 1st of each month if they have any credits set to expire within that given month. A singular email containing details of which allotment of credit(s) are going to expire and their corresponding expiration date(s) can be included. Emails are sent at 9 AM in your merchant account timezone (Account > Settings > Timezone).

For example, if a customer has 100 credits total, of which 80 credits expire on January 15th and another 20 credits expiring on March 15th, if the customer does not redeem any credits, they will recieve an email on January 1st notifying them 80 credits are expiring soon and another email on March 1st notifying them of the other 20 credits expiring. The customer will not recieve an email in Feburary, nor any other month.
Important: If a customer does not have any credits expiring in the given month, an Expiration Reminder email will not be sent that month.

Create an Expiration Reminder Email

  1. Go to Emails > click Create an Email
  2. Select the Expiration Reminder Email type
  1. Enter an Email NameSubject Line, and Text Body in the email editor. Note: Email Name must be unique.
Subject Line Tip: Make it clear and concise, like: You have credit expiring this month!
  1. Within the HTML Body, you must include the following code block that contains important Merge Variables which will dynamically display the customer's current credit balance, and the corresponding credit(s) set to expire within the month, alongside their expiration date(s). If multiple allotments of credits are set to expire within the same month, they will be shown as separate line items with separate expiration dates

Required Input:

{% for ledger in ledgers %}
Current balance: {{ledger.balance}} {{ledger.currency}}
Credit expiring soon:
{% for expiration in ledger.expiration_details %}
<div>{{expiration.expiration_amount}} {{ledger.currency}} expires on {{expiration.expiration_date}}
({{expiration.days_to_expiration}} days)</div>
{% endfor %}
All credits expire at 11:59:59 {{timezone}} on their day of expiration.
{% endfor %}

Example Output:

Current balance: 70 USD

Credit expiring soon:

50 USD expires on 05/29/22 (29 days)
15 USD expires on 05/22/22 (22 days)
10 USD expires on 05/09/22 (9 days)

All credits expire at 11:59:59 PST on their day of expiration.

Warning: Making changes to the required code block above requires Developer knowledge of Liquid tags and is not recommended.

  1. You can further customize the email content by including a link to your store so customers can easily login to their account to use their credits towards their next purchase, before they expire! Then click Save Changes
Note: An Expiration Reminder email template will appear in both the Referral and Loyalty sections within the Email menu after being created. You can edit the template in either section and updates will automatically be applied to both sections, since it's technically the same email template.

Example Expiration Email

Enable or Disable Sending Expiration Reminder Emails

  1. Go to Settings > Program Integrity
  2. Click on the second toggle to turn On or Off Send Expiration Reminder Emails to your customers. If On, select the desired expiration reminder email template within the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Save Changes

- For testing, if expiration period is equal to 1 day, expiration reminder emails will not be sent to customers. You must set it to 2 days or more for emails to go out as scheduled on the 1st of a given month.

- Learn more about how create, edit, and manage other types of emails.

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