Resend Reward Email

Resending an Advocate Reward email or a Friend Incentive email is helpful when users cannot find their reward email, or if they're experiencing issues with the reward that was sent to them.

By resending the reward email you can:

  • Send the same reward (Coupon Code/ Gift Card) - for cases where the user cannot find the original email that was sent to them.
  • Send a new reward - for cases where the original coupon code or gift card that was sent to them is not working properly.

In cases where the original email was sent to the wrong email address, you may also edit the recipient field and send the reward to the correct email address.

Note: This feature is not available if the reward type is Account Credit.
Note: If you are rewarding your Friends or Advocates with Shopify Coupons, or any Custom reward, you may resend them the original reward email, but you cannot issue them a new reward.

Resending a Reward/Incentive Email:


Step 1

Navigate to Customer Look Up

Step 2

Search for the email address of the Advocate or Friend you would like to resend their email.

Step 3

Once you find the reward you would like to resend, click on the action button placed on the left hand side of the table, and then click on 'Resend Reward Email'.

Step 4

Fill in the fields:

1. Select whether you would like to send the same reward or a new reward.

If you select to send a new reward, you will need to fill in:

  • Reason
  • Notes (Optional)
Note: Even if you chose to issue a new reward, the original Coupon Code/Gift Card will not be disabled.

2. If needed, edit the Recipient email Address

Note: If you edit the recipient email address, the reward email will be sent to the new address, but the reward record will remain under the original email address.

Step 7 

Click Resend

Once completed, the email will be resent to the customer within a few minutes.

After you refresh the page, new information will now be displayed:

  • Last Sent On - The date and time that the email was resent.
  • Resent to - The new email address the reward was sent to (applicable only if the recipient's email address was edited)
  • If a new reward was issued, you can click on View Previous to see details of the previous reward that was sent. This will include the reason, notes, and the user who issued the new reward.

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