How to Personalize Your Widgets with the Advocate name

This article explains step-by-step how to incorporate the advocate name into your Friendbuy widgets. Including personalized content increases conversion rates, as customers are 3-4x more likely to convert after receiving a referral from their friend. Regardless of whether the advocate enters their first name only or both their first and last name, the input text will be retrieved and displayed on any advocate referral or friend incentive widget.


The only requirement to utilize this feature is to have a widget collection that you can edit in the widget editor tool. 

Getting Started

  1. Access the widget editor tool for the widget that you would like to personalize. You can do so by navigating to Referral > Select your Campaign > Widget tab > Select the Widget and click the View/Edit Widget button.
  1. Click on the Text Content icon (looks like a “T”) in the navigation bar. And add in {{}} as the merge variable into the copy. This merge variable will contain the advocate name and is all in lowercase. The advocate name will not be displayed all in lowercase, rather it will be displayed with proper capitalization.

In case the merge variable fails to display the advocate name, you have the option to include a fallback value that will be displayed instead. To add a fallback value, you can use the "|" symbol followed by the desired text after the merge variable. For instance, in the above example, the fallback value for {{ | Your friend}} is "Your friend".

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