How to Duplicate Your Campaign

When managing your campaigns, you may want to create multiple campaigns with similar attributes. An easy way to do this is to duplicate a campaign. In this help doc, we'll go over the simple way of creating duplicate campaigns. All settings will be copied over to the new campaign. However, A/B Tests will not be duplicated over.


  1. Navigate to Referral, then select the Kebab menu on the right side of the campaign you wish to duplicate.
  1. Once you have selected the the Kebab menu, you can then select Duplicate

  1. Upon selecting Duplicate you will be prompted with a message. All widget settings will be copied over to the new campaign. Please review and adjust these widget settings if needed. Archived campaigns can not be duplicated. However, you can unarchive the campaign, then duplicate.

  1. Select OK, Duplicate Campaign and you will now see the original campaign, as well as the new duplicate campaign. Important to note that copy campaigns will default to off. Please ensure referral campaign best practice before turning on the copy campaign.

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