Send Referral Program Text Messages Through Attentive

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How to send referral program messages to your Attentive subscribers

One of the best ways to drive referral program awareness is through text message campaigns. Some common examples are:

  • Announcing your referral program
  • A dedicated referral reminder monthly or quarterly
  • A limited time boosted referral offer
  • A reminder to refer on International Friendship Day...or any other made up holiday :)


Create a Campaign
  1. Login to your Attentive account and navigate to Campaigns
  2. Click Create Campaign
  1. Select One-time SMS Message
  1. Name your campaign (ex. National Friends Day) then choose who you want to send the campaign to from the Subscribers dropdown list
Make sure to enable Smart Sending so subscribers who have received a message within your selected smart sending window will be excluded from this send.
  1. Design your campaign

  1. Either Schedule the campaign or Send Now

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