What are some common scenarios, and how do I troubleshoot them?

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Common Scenarios & Troubleshooting Steps


Why did this happen?

Troubleshooting Steps

Friend’s qualifying purchase is in the system, but the Advocate was not rewarded.

It is possible that the Referred Friend made the purchase on a different device, along with forgetting to apply the coupon at checkout. 

In ‘Customer Service’, search for the Friend’s email. Under purchases, see if the purchase had a coupon code used. If the coupon code was not used, there is a high likelihood that the missed conversion was due to making a purchase on a different device than what was originally cookie’d.

The Referred Friend is stating that they put their email into the Email Capture widget, but never received the coupon code.

Depending on their email settings, the email may have been sent to spam.

In ‘Customer Service’, search for the Friend’s email. Under Friend Incentives, see what coupon code the Friend was issued, and you can provide it to them directly.

The Referred Friend is stating that they’re getting a “Sorry, it looks like you’re ineligible for this offer.” error in the Email Capture widget.

In most cases, this is because of the customer getting to the Email Capture widget “outside of the normal flow”, possibly indicating that they were never referred to your site. This could also happen if opening the referral share in an Incognito/Private window.

Ensure that the customer is not opening the link in an Incognito/Private window, and check to see if they may be using any ad blockers. Incognito/private windows will block third party cookies from working, and ad blockers can cause occasional javascript issues which may cause this error.

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