How to Apply Theme Changes to a Widget

William Harper Updated by William Harper

Once you've finished creating and editing a theme, it's time to apply those changes to a live widget.

To do this, log in to your Friendbuy Retailer app, select "Referral" from the menu on the left, and select the campaign where you want to edit the widget.

Inside the campaign, you can apply theme changes to any widget by simply selecting the widget from the carousel. In this example, we'll apply theme changes to the "Advocate Sitewide Overlay" Widget.

One you've clicked on the relevant widget, you should see some widget options. Click the "Select Widget" button on the right.

To apply the theme changes to your widget, select the theme that you want to apply:

Finally, click "publish" to save your changes. NOTE: A campaign must have rewards configured for both Advocates and Friends in order to be published. If you see an error message when you click “publish” check to make sure you link>set up your rewards>link.

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