Trigger a Direct Mail Campaign to Drive Referral Program Awareness (Friendbuy x Iterable x Poplar)

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Leverage Friendbuy, Iterable and Poplar to trigger a Poplar direct mailing once an Advocate's information is added to your Iterable subscriber list.

When an Advocate shares from a Friendbuy referral widget and they have opted in to receive email communication from your company, Friendbuy will automatically add this email address to a specified subscriber list that is created when the Friendbuy x Iterable integration is installed. 



You'll need accounts with Friendbuy, Iterable & Poplar to start.

Iterable x Poplar Webhook Configuration

Here’s a doc that outlines how to Integrate Iterable and Poplar 

Then, Configure Your Iterable Workflow with Friendbuy and Poplar

1. In Iterable, navigate to Messaging > click Workflows

2. Name your new workflow: Example: Friendbuy Advocate x Poplar

3. In the dropdown click Subscribed To List. Then, Under the Select a List dropdown, select Friendbuy Advocate.

4. Click Update Node

5. Now that you've configured the Trigger for this flow, scroll down on the left side menu and drag the Call Webhook action to connect under the Trigger module.

6. Double click the Call this webhook module to edit the filters. Then, toggle Use pre-configured workflow webhook to ON.

7. From the Select a webhook dropdown, choose the pre-populated Poplar Integration Webhook that was previously created.

8. Then click, Update Node to save your settings.

9. On the top left side above the menu, toggle to Enabled to turn on this new workflow. Then click OK to enable the workflow!

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How to Enable the Iterable Integration