What are Fraud Checks, Tier Checks, and Rules Checks in the Rewards Report?

William Harper Updated by William Harper

When rewards are to be issued by our platform, our system takes a look at three different sets of checks--Fraud Checks, Tier Checks, and Rules Checks.

Fraud Checks - Friendbuy takes a look at the Fraud Settings you have set up in your account, and verifies that the referral is not violating any of these settings.

Tier Checks - If you have set up Tier-based rewards (e.g. 3 referrals needed per reward), this will check the Advocate’s status of what point in the tiered rewards they are, and will issue the reward if they are matching the tier requirement (and if they passed the other checks).

Rules Checks - This will take a look at the rules you have set up for the referral reward--for example, needing the Friend to be a new customer, or needing the purchase to be a certain minimum order amount. 

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