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When it comes to referral, boosting performance through a limited-time offer (LTO) can be just as effective as it is in other marketing channels.  It can be particularly effective when the offer is framed as unique or special to your Brand advocates in the form of a higher reward or a stronger than usual offer to share with their friends - or both!

Limited-time offers can be framed around special events or holidays such as…

Special Days and Months

Company Birthdays & Anniversaries

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or our favorites…

National Best Friends Day & International Friendship Day!

There are two key actions to take to ensure a successful LTO:

  1. Update your widgets and referral emails to highlight the boosted offer and communicate dates that the boosted offer will be available
  2. Promote the referral boost on your website and through your other marketing channels - email, social media, SMS, etc. Be sure to call out that it’s a limited time offer in your marketing efforts to increase urgency on both the advocate and friend sides.

Referral Widget Messaging

Dedicated Referral Boost Emails

Dedicated Referral Boost Social Posts

One last thought about your LTO strategy.  You don’t always need to create an entirely new offer for the referral program if you already have a strong or exciting limited time offer on your marketing calendar.  Your referral program can also be used to promote special offers like BFCM, Annual Sale events, NewProduct launches, etc.  

Company-Wide Offers promoted through Referral

Whether used during high-volume periods or off-season, strategic use of Limited-Time Offer referral boosts can help grow your referral program.  You’ll see increased advocate participation and referred friend conversion when you message the program clearly and promote the offer on site and through marketing channels.

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