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The ‘Codes’ report is a great way to easily find what coupon code(s) an Advocate or a Referred Friend has been distributed. This can be especially helpful in situations where the customer can’t find their code, or if the customer accidentally deleted the email with their code. Here are some key terms and definitions!

Date distributed

The date and time that the code was distributed.

Code Details

The details surrounding the code. This will include:

  • Type
  • Code
  • Amount
  • Code Bank

Recipient Details

The details surrounding the recipient of the code, whether they are an Advocate or a Referred Friend. This will include:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Type (Advocate or Referred Friend)
  • Campaign


The status of the code, which will be either ‘Distributed’ or ‘Redeemed’. If this code was manually distributed, the team member who distributed the code and the reason will be found here as well.

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