How to Leverage Friendbuy with Kustomer

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How to Leverage Friendbuy with Kustomer

Leverage Friendbuy with Kustomer to trigger a prompt to refer a friend after a customer has a positive experience with one of your Customer Experience Representatives.

You will need to have both an active Kustomer and Friendbuy Account

Setting this Up Within Kustomer

Step 1: In your Kustomer account, navigate to Settings

Step 2: Type in Satisfaction in the search bar and click on the word in the dropdown

Step 3: Toggle on 'Satisfaction for Email' and 'Satisfaction for Chat' so you can setup these triggers when a CX rep interacts with a customer via Email or Chat

Configure Your Email Reply Template

Step 1: Navigate to Email Templates on the left-side menu

Step 2: Click Add Template

Step 3: Name your Template and then choose Email Auto Response from the Template Type dropdown. Then, click Create

Best Practice is to name your template Friendbuy Referral Template to clarify what the template is for

Step 4: Customize your template

Configure Your Business Rules

Step 1: Type in Business Rules in the search bar and click the word in the dropdown

Step 2: Click Add Rule

Step 3: Name the Business Rule, Example: Friendbuy Prompt Referral

Step 4: Set the trigger for when the referral prompt email is sent to the customer. Under the Conversation Updated dropdown, choose All Updates and then Marked Done from the dropdown.

Step 5:Step 5: Set the following conditions: Conversation ; Satisfaction Rating; Changed From; Was Not Set; Is Greater Than or Equals; 4

Step 6: Select Action Type Send A Message

Step 7: Select Email in the channel dropdown

Step 8: Select Friendbuy Referral Template from the Email template dropdown

Step 9: Choose a 'From' email address to determine who the email will be sent from

Step 10: Configure the message you want to send to the customer after they've provided a positive satisfaction score

Below is an example message. Click Here (or whatever CTA you'd like) should include a link to your Refer a friend Landing Page, so customers can refer easily.

Step 11: Once the business rules are configured, toggle the business rule ON. Toggle should transition from grey to blue.

Here's An Example of the Flow In Action

Step 1: Customer receives a message from CX rep

Step 2: Customer responds to the email

Step 3: CX rep marks the conversation as Done in Kustomer

Step 4: A survey email is triggered to gauge the customers' feelings about their experience conversing with the CX rep

Step 5: Customer provides a score of either 4 or 5

Step 6: Another email is triggered from Kustomer that lets the customer know about your referral program

Since the customer had a great experience, this is an opportune time to prompt a referral.

Step 7: Customer clicks click here and is redirected to your referral landing page where they can start sharing.


How come my survey is taking too long to send out?

By default, Kustomer will send out the survey 24 hours after the conversation is marked done. You can change this by going to the individual channel survey settings.

How come I’m only sending out one survey even though I have multiple complete conversations?

By default, Kustomer will send a customer a new survey every 24 hours. You change this by going to general survey settings.

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