Why didn't the Advocate receive a Reward for a successful referral?

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This is a common question that can have a few different answers! Let’s start off by navigating to the ‘Customer Search Tool’

  1. Click ‘Customer Service’ on the left-hand menu
  2. Enter in the Advocate’s email address
  3. Press ‘Enter’ to search!

By investigating in this area, you can take a look at the status of Rewards associated with an Advocate’s email address, whether they are Approved, Rejected, or Pending! Note that you can also investigate Shares, Friend Incentives they have received (if they were referred previously), as well as Purchases associated with this email address!

Notice in this screen how you can see the status of rewards along with the reasons why the Reward was rejected or Not Eligible. In this scenario, the Advocate was not rewarded because they have already reached the maximum amount of rewards they can receive for the referral program, in this case, being two.

In rarer cases, another place you may want to check would be the ‘Purchases’ tab when searching for the Referred Friend’s email. The reason for this is because if the Referred Friend happened to be referred by two people, and used the referral from a different Friend, this could cause the ‘initial Advocate’ to not be rewarded. You can check what Advocate a purchase is associated with by following these steps:

  1. Click ‘Customer Service’ on the left-hand menu
  2. Enter in the Referred Friend’s email address
  3. Press ‘Enter’ to search!
  4. Click the ‘Purchases’ tab

By looking at the ‘Purchases’ tab, we can see what Advocate this purchase is associated with. If this does not match the Advocate who is calling in, you can let them know that it appears the Referred Friend had used a different link than the one they initially gave the Friend. 

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