How to Block a Referral Code

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Scenarios arise when an Advocate may violate the terms and conditions of your referral program and you would like to block their Referral Link so they do not receive future Friend incentives through the referral program.  You can also specify where referred Friends land aftering clicking on a blocked referral link. 

This feature enables you to do the following:

Block a Referral code:  You can block a referral code by following the below instructions:

Step 1

Navigate to  Settings > Block List

Step 2

Click the  Blocked Referral Codes tab and then click the blue button that says Add Codes to Block List

Step 3a.

Add referral codes to the block list either manually or you can bulk upload a list of referral codes via CSV.

Step 3b.

If you'd like to block all referral codes associated with an email address, click By Email Address

Step 4

Click Block {#} Codes and you'll see a success message once the referral codes have been successfully added. 

Expected Behavior When Referral Codes are Blocked:

  • When a referral code is blocked, the email address associated with that referral code is also blocked from receiving Advocate rewards and Friend incentives. 
  • Any referred friends who click on a blocked referral link can be redirected to either one of the following flows:
    • A Friendbuy hosted landing page that says "Offer Not Valid" that is setup by default (no action needed)
    • A specified URL that is setup in Settings > Program Integrity 
  • If a Referred Friend clicks on an Advocate's blocked Personal Referral Link (PURL) and proceeds to complete the referral conversion event, the conversion will not be counted toward your referral click, purchase or revenue data. 
  • If a Referred Friend clicks on an Advocate's Personal Referral Link before it is blocked and proceeds to complete the referral conversion event in the future (even after the link is blocked), the Friend will recieve their incentive, however, the Advocate will be blocked from recieveing a reward.

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