How to Create an Earning Event

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How to Create an Earning Event

With Earning Events, you can set up a diverse range of rewards, ensuring every interaction with your brand feels special for your customers.

  1. From the Loyalty section, click the Earning Events tab at the top
  1. Click + Add Earning Event at the top right of the screen.
  2. Here you will be prompted with all the different types of Earning Events Friendbuy offers.
  3. We will create an Earning Event for Make A Purchase.
  1. Click Make A Purchase, then Add Event.
  2. This Earning Event acts as an If, then statement. If the customer makers a purchase, then reward them.
  3. Now you'll select what you want to reward the customer with when they Make A Purchase.
    1. Click the Reward With drop down
  4. Select in what way you want to reward your customer for Making A Purchase
  5. Select whether you want to Send Email along with the Earning Event
  6. If you want to add additional conditions for the earning event, click the + icon
  1. Here you'll be able to add additional conditions to your Earning Event
  1. Each condition added is an 'And' statement. Both 'Customer Makes a Purchase' and the condition added, have to be true for the Reward to be given.
    1. You can add multiple rules in addition to Customer Makes a Purchase

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